Buxton Stadium Resurfacing

Buxton Stadium Resurfacing

Follow the progress at Buxton Stadium throughout the summer as we resurface the turf and track.

The summer-long process begins with removing the old surfaces, which have been in place since 2001. At the time, Simpson was the first school in the state of Iowa to install a synthetic grass playing field, known as Astro Play.

Now, Simpson will be the first school in the Midwest with a FieldTurf Revolution playing surface. FieldTurf Revolution is the newest product from FieldTurf, which is designed to be the highest performing and most innovative turf in the industry. The University of Utah is installing FieldTurf Revolution at its indoor athletic complex.

Simpson will also install a full-pour, 10 millimeter track from Beynon, the same company which installed a new track at the University of Iowa in 2010.

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