Simpson Partners wtih Career Athletes

Paul Brown
Paul Brown

Recently, Simpson's Athletic Department announced its' partnership with Career Athletes to help provide additional career education, guidance, and networking opportunities that will help student-athletes achieve their ultimate goal of landing great careers upon graduation. For freshmen and sophomores, this may be the furthest thing from their minds, but preparing properly will have a significant impact on what types of careers will be available after graduation.

Career Athletes provides updated career education material (sample resumes, cover letters, interview questions, etc.), a virtual career coach, access to mentors, and, upon completion of NCAA eligibility, post a resume and search through career listings posted on the career board.

Student-athletes may set an account up by clicking on the following link:  

This is a great opportunity for student athletes to look at where they wish to be in the future and taking the first step in making that dream a reality.

"We are involved in Career Athletes to promote our student athletes as they are pursuing their professional career in school and after graduation. Through Career Athletes, Simpson is able to provide knowledge through the mentor program and make the transition into the professional world that much easier. Our student-athletes will have a head start on other graduates because of job placement notifications and alumni relations in the job market. We are very exited about Career Athletes and can't wait to see this help our student-athletes into the future." - Nathan Seberg, Marketing Director of Simpson College Athletics.

Since Career Athletes started in 1998, over 1,200 individual colleges and universities have utilized this program as a valuable too in their transition from athletics to the workplace.